From the Pastor’s Desk

With 2020 thankfully behind us and 2021 starting off rather miserably, one might think that the world is going you know where in that proverbial handbasket. It is so easy to point fingers blaming multiple causes and reasons for our disruptive times. It is easy to sulk and nourish anger with mean-spirited thoughts and cutting remarks. Constructive dialogue, an American tradition and coveted privilege, can easily be disregarded and banished from the public square. What a challenge we have as Christians! Our nation is better than what we have been seeing. Our nation’s “Better Angels” are waiting to be enlisted to help us heal and be united as one nation still under God. Older and wiser citizens have much to offer yet we can never overlook the gifts and generosity of young people in our nation and certainly in our world-wide Church. Sometimes referred to as “future citizens” or the “church of tomorrow” we fail to recognize them as today’s young citizens and the young and vibrant church of today! One such person is Carlo Acutis.

Carlo Acutis, someone you probably have never heard of, was beatified last October, 2020. Gifted with internet savvy and love of God, Carlo presents a very real and tangible connection for teens and our millennials of today. The story of his life can be found inside today’s bulletin. Please take the time to read and be inspired. This Sunday’s gospel talks about two of John’s disciple fascinated by Jesus and wanting to know what meaning he had to offer them. Jesus simply told them: “Come and you will see”. Carlo, with a wisdom far beyond his years, was fond of saying: “Sadness is looking at oneself, happiness is looking at God. Conversion is nothing but a movement of the eyes”. Blessed Carlo Acutis died of leukemia in the Summer of 2006 at the age of fifteen in his hometown in northern Italy. Pope Francis said of him: “The life of Blessed Carlo Acutis provides a witness for young people’s true happiness is found when one puts God first.”

Recognizing the technical savvy that so many of our parishioners possess I would like to invite anyone of any age to participate in the new “Blessed Carlo Ministry” begun this month in St. Kateri parish. Primarily helping with our weekend livestreaming of the Mass, the ministry can also lead to other innovative and creative functions in the future. Pray over it and let Kevin, our organist know by calling the parish office or speaking with Kevin after Mass.

Have a good week and speak well!