From Sick Bay  –  By Father Terry Kerner

I am getting better and thought this might be a good time to share some thoughts about my feeling under the weather” lately.

On July twenty third I checked into Beaumont’s emergency room with a temperature of 101.2 degrees and a diagnosis of double pneumonia. This got the attending physicians’ attention who then proceeded with multiple tests and insistence that I remain in the hospital for observation. Eventually they discovered I was suffering with sepsis and needed a little more than just observation. More test followed and discovered further ailments, one more difficult to spell than the other. Bottom line: the docs concluded that I was dealing with Endocarditis — a direct threat to my heart valves. (l invite you to go online and learn more.)

The bacteria carried in the sepsis is considered quite aggressive and only could and should be confronted with more powerful anti-biotics. And that is what I have been “enjoying” over the last several weeks. (The regimen I am on requires doses every four hours, with a slow drip taking about one hour each dose. This has been ordered for five weeks, at 24/7.)

Currently I have been “reveling” in all the attention this five week program offers with its needles and all the probing they offer. The good thing is that I am over half way through the regimen and hope to be home by mid September. I miss all of you and truly appreciate your prayers and greeting cards. I want to also thank all the good padres that have been taking the Masses for me each weekend.

All of us have crosses to bear and I know personally that many of you have carried your burdens so graciously with a hopeful joy. We can all be an inspiration for one another. This year of 2021 probably won’t be remembered for being the “best of times”, unless you are a 12 year old from Taylor who just won the Little League World Championship! I guess we can always find something to be happy about and grateful for. Congratulations to a bunch of guys who made us all proud!

Morelli’s Musing….

Forty years ago on September 19, 1981 Cardinal Szoka ordained me to the priesthood for the Archdiocese of Detroit. I am extremely grateful to God who has given me the privilege of celebrating my 40th Anniversary to the priesthood this September 19, 2021. This year it even falls on a Sunday.

I would like to offer a Mass of ‘Thanksgiving’ on Tuesday September 14th at 6:40 PM, the usual Tuesday night Mass at St. Kateri. The parish family at St. Kateri has played a very large part in the last 10 years of my ministry and I feel very grateful for your support and prayers during these years as well as grateful to God for his grace and fidelity to me. Please join me if you can in thanking God for this great privilege.

Father Gary