By Fr. Terry Kerner

At this point in Lent, I want to commend you for entering into its spirit and three-fold challenge for prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Your commitment to prayer is evident in the increase in Mass attendance along with Stations, confessions and your coming forth to receive the Sacrament of the Sick these past few weeks.

I cannot speak to your fasting, but I suspect you probably are doing so. I can talk about your almsgiving and your generosity. Through the generosity of many of you our offertory deficit is shrinking. We would hope to see it at zero by Easter but then again you have been giving so enthusiastically to other needs as well. We all do the best we can. The Lennon Center is one of those needs. In just the first two weeks we have raised $2,449.56 and more remains to be counted. On a more global scale I would like to call your attention to the article HERE and the charitable opportunity it affords us!
Have a good Lenten week.