From the Pastor’s Desk

By Fr. Terry Kerner

This weekend we celebrate Corpus Christi — the feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. It is fitting that we celebrate at our 4:00 pm Mass the First Communion of three of our very important young parishioners. Our Congratulations to Violet Zell, Noah Ballino, and Boden Vess. You can identify them by the haloes above their heads!

This Sunday the American Red Cross will be in the parish hall between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm for a critically needed blood drive. Over the last fifteen months the pandemic has limited the opportunities for blood drives and is experiencing critical shortages. Whether you are able to give blood or not, your support is important and significant especially on this anniversary of D-Day!

Father’s Day is only two weeks away and offers a chance for families to finally get together. Our parish too is anxious to begin some socializing and “re-member” our good times as a community. So, mark your calendar for a Pancake & Sausage Breakfast on June 20th from 10am — 1pm. The breakfast is complimentary and a way of St. Kateri Parish saying, “welcome back” and thank you for your continual support.

As a parish we can be truly thankful for all the support this year’s CSA is receiving from you. As of this Tuesday morning (June 1st) writing we are at 77% of our parish target. We are well on our way of achieving our goal and surpassing it with funds to be used in the parish for maintenance projects. THANK YOU to all who have contributed thus far. Visitors and those considering joining the parish can contribute as well by using the CSA form in each pew. We welcome your support.

With Memorial Day — the gateway to summer — behind us we can hopefully look forward to a summer distancing ourselves from months of pandemic concerns and worries. We of course need to be careful and wise in our social contacts and personal hygiene. Common sense and a responsible concern for others should always dictate our behavior and activities. Meanwhile, enjoy the outdoors and fresh air of summer and some welcome sunshine.

May all of us enjoy June.