From the Pastor’s Deck

The warm up of our temperatures and the peaks at the sun in the last few days give us some hope for Spring. The burden of all the necessary COVID protocols and the bitterly cold and cloudy days can be discouraging to say the least. But it seems that we are moving forward and noticeable positive changes seem to point to better days ahead. Maybe that is what Lent is all about as well. These forty days of penitence, rather than being “cold and cloudy” can lead us to better days ahead. Observing our own “spiritual protocols” and Lenten disciplines point us toward the light and warmth of Easter. Keep your eye on the goal and love in your heart and we can all come to the feast of Resurrection together!

Our journey to Easter offers several opportunities at St. Kateri to move with hope and optimism to the beauty of Holy Week and ultimately to Easter. Give some thought to participating in and celebrating the following services offered.

Click below to download the Easter Floral Tribute.