St. Kateri, maiden so pure, Christian so faithful, lover so kind, we call on you, with faith and hope, to intercede with our Lord Jesus to bring physical, emotional and spiritual healing to our friends.

We believe that Jesus heals. We believe that Jesus wants good things for us. And so we make our prayer with the confidence and the fervent expectation that something wondrous, something powerful, something life-giving will happen.

Inspire us to believe as you have believed to the presence and the power of Our Lord. Amen.

Ernie Adams
Norma Bak
Ana Bautista
Edgar Bautista
Miguel Bautista
Lea Berta
Rose Brunetti
Angela Burger
Maria Caretti
Ron Caretti
Bill Carry
Vera Ciavaglia
Jennie Cinzori
Rachel Clark
Jerry Cunningham
Norb & JoAnn Czernia
Mason Dehl
Joseph Dziedzic, Jr.
Emilio Escobedo
Fabian Esquivel
Bob Fulkerson
Wilmar Good
Mark Grigorian
Kenneth Hasper
Dolores Hnot
Emily Hudson
Logan Hudson
Stan Kozlowicz
Charlotte Lanning
Michael Leonetti
Gary & Pam Lewis
Linda Marcella
Judith Masley
Perla Moss
Emily Nalli 
Perla Navarro
Peter Nolan
Kathy Ochs
Patricia O’Daniel
Ethel O’Day
Dorothy Pakron
Ryan Przysiecki
Sidney Saynor
Rose Simpson
Deborah Stoner
Dennis Tymosko
Cathy Vickroy
Marc Wais
Michael Ward
Jeff Worrall
Arleen Zalewski

Please remember in prayer those parishioners listed above.

Names will be on our prayer list for two months and then removed. If the need is still present, a quick call to the office will restore the name to our list.

To re-list or add names for the month please call the parish office at (313) 336-3227.