St. Kateri, maiden so pure, Christian so faithful, lover so kind, we call on you, with faith and hope, to intercede with our Lord Jesus to bring physical, emotional and spiritual healing to our friends.

We believe that Jesus heals. We believe that Jesus wants good things for us. And so we make our prayer with the confidence and the fervent expectation that something wondrous, something powerful, something life-giving will happen.

Inspire us to believe as you have believed to the presence and the power of Our Lord. Amen.

O Great Lily of the Mohawks, we ask that you take our intentions to the foot of the cross. Ask Jesus to bring healing to those who are heavily burdened. Through your intercession, may this favor be granted if it is according to the will of God. By your prayer, help us always to remain faithful to Jesus and to his Holy Church. St. Kateri Tekakwitha, pray for us. Amen.

Norma Jean Bak
Aurora Balino
Dave Barney
Fr. Jerry Bechard
Robert Biess
Phil Ciavaglia
Micki Cibor
Elizabeth Fader
Marie Grant
Richard Hanks
Scott Heffron
Dolores Hnot
Emily Hudson
Stan Kozlowicz
Tara Lynch
Mathias Mangone
Cass Mastalski
Dorothy Miller
Eleanor Mongiat
Robin Petruska
Frances Pizzini
Sandy Roach
Eunice Robinson
Fr. Wayne Ruchgy
Rose Mary Schimizzi
Antoinette Sobota
Glennis Swider
Jacqueline West

Please remember in prayer those parishioners listed above.

***Please note that the names above will be kept on the list for 2 months and then will be removed.

To re-list or add names for the month please call the parish office at (313) 336-3227.