Blessing of Mothers

During the season of Easter, what a great time to remember our mothers and ask for God’s blessing on them. It is God who ultimately gave us life. It is through God’s unselfish love–mirrored in our mothers’ willingness to associate their love with God’s and take the risk to love us into life – that we have the opportunity for life. We remember our mothers this Mother’s Day with much love. Let us pray for each of them:

God our heavenly Father,

you give to each the ability to share your generative love.

Bless those women in our lives who mirror your love

and bring forth life through their willingness

to risk bringing new life into this world.

Help us to show them our gratitude

for the gift of life and the gift of a mother’s love.

May our life-giving God continue to bless them

and show them his unfailing love.

We ask this through Jesus, God’s Son and our brother.