FROM THE PASTOR’S DESK                            

By Fr. Terry Kerner

I have much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. All the tests over the last few weeks concluded that the sepsis has been eliminated and that there is no longer a threat to the heart valves. My heart muscles still need to be strengthened as well as some pulmonary issues need to be addressed. My gratitude is centered on your very generous prayer and concern. It is good to know that folks “have your back”. I also want to extend my thanks to Deacon Tom and all the parish staff and visiting priests whose efforts kept St. Kateri vibrant and a center of prayer. I hope to gradually resume regular activity over the next few months. Please keep the prayers coming my way.

In a few days we will celebrate Thanksgiving Day and probably discuss with family and friends our holiday plans. Hopefully those family plans include attending Mass and celebrating what Christmas and the Holidays are all about. The following is the schedule of liturgies for those special days: Christmas Eve: Masses at 4pm & 6pm, Christmas Day at 10am. New Year Eve at 6pm, New Year Day at 10am. Sunday Mass at 10am on the Feasts of Holy Family, Dec 26 and Epiphany. Jan 2.

Again, this year we will celebrate our 90 year olds with the “Ninety & Nice” program that delivers a poinsettia to our special seniors. If you and your children would like to be a part of this kind ministry of Christmas joy look for information in next week’s bulletin. We will also be taking orders from the Capuchin bakers for your Christmas table. An order form will be available with information next

Have a good Thanksgiving and look for the best in your life and be grateful for it!