From the Pastor’s Desk

By Fr. Terry Kerner

I am happy to report that I am out of rehab in extensive treatment for Endocarditis. With both time in the hospital and rehab center, I spent forty some days battling the infection which presented a serious threat to my heart. The “docs” now have me on an additional oral medication hopefully guaranteeing complete recovery. All the experience has left me weakened and in need of rest and further therapy to build up my stamina and breathing. Hopefully all the efforts lead to a return of celebrating Mass with you in a few weeks. Meanwhile I want you to know of my gratitude for all your prayers and beautiful greetings. It is obvious that you took time to pick just the right get well card and your words to express your prayerful support. I sincerely thank you.

For me one of the hardest things to go through these days is not being present with you to share in the parish celebrations. I have set a goal of being “back in action” by my birthday in early October. And barring any serious Covid threats I would hope that we could resume some new and annual parish activities. Mark your calendar for the 21st of October when we will have a special observance of St. Kateri’s anniversary of her Canonization. Look for more information in the weeks ahead.

Have a good week ahead, stay healthy and look forward to Fall and all the natural beauty it brings us!