By Fr. Terry Kerner

With the November election coming soon the foremost issue for Michigan is the Proposal 3. Certainly, for Catholics and fellow Christians in our State the Proposal presents a moral challenge — one that we have every right to preach against. It is not a case of the Church speaking politics but one of seriously confronting a threat to life in our society and state. Looking back over the last half century we realize that over sixty million lives have been aborted meaning that they are not wanted nor acceptable.

Obviously, the abortion issue is extremely sensitive and complicated for both men and women, fathers and mothers, and husbands and wives. We cannot overlook the anguish that women might be suffering when seeking a solution to an unwanted or unexpected pregnancy. We must not judge but rather respect the life of both child and mother. We need to find ways of walking with mothers on their journeys to motherhood. We all try to do the best we can as you may recall St. Kateri’s fund raiser last year for the Lennon Center. With the exuberant encouragement of our parish children, we raised over twelve thousand dollars. Obviously, our hearts are in the right place. We also need to pray for all who are struggling with the issue of abortion and pray for and with them.

Nor can we fail to sympathize with couples desperate to have children and are unable to do so. Through the years I have worked with and for many couple in their attempt to adopt a child. Their desire to do so is not easily achieved nor without expense. One has to admire their commitment to bringing a vulnerable child into their home.

In all the turmoil abortion can bring to our consciences we can take confidence that God is speaking to us about the incredible value of life and family and our ability to protect both. One month from now we have the opportunity to be specific and courageous in doing so!