The annual Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) begins this week. St. Kateri has always been most supportive and generous to the drive. As you know, any monies raised over the target remain in the parish for our own use. Last year we raised over ten thousand dollars which has been used this year for many small capital improvements. We believe that good ongoing maintenance is the best way to avoid unnecessary and costly repairs and problems in the future. The CSA is the only fundraising drive all year. Thank you for supporting it year after year.

Our Parish Finance Council, like last year, is recommending a pledge of $300 per parishioner. Some may find this difficult to meet. Others may find it easily attainable and feel they can do more. Non-registered but regular attendees at St. Kateri may want to donate. Just indicate this on an envelope and we will record your gift. Your support will be most appreciated. Whatever you can give is honorable.

The Archdiocese may have already sent you a letter with a pledge card and asked you to send your response to an out of state processing center. It is legitimate but a protocol we do not encourage. Returning your pledge through the secure offertory boxes or directly to the rectory either hand-delivered or by mail is preferred. Please remember to make checks payable to “ST. KATERI – CSA“. Thank you once again for all your support. We will keep you posted on how well we are doing.

Our newly inaugurated Family of Parish religious formation program is celebrating its conclusion this year with a final Mass this Monday at 5:30 pm. All family and parish members are welcome to come and celebrate with our students making their class First Communion and May Crowning. Our Confirmation candidates will be confirmed this Thursday at St. Maria Goretti. All are welcome. The program owes so much to the volunteers and Larry, Karen, and Deacon. But ultimately the success of the Family Faith Formation is credited to all the parents who consistently attended the adult classes and gave example to their children. Look for more learning and celebrating the faith next September!

Have a great week!