From the Pastor’s Desk by Fr. Terry Kerner,

This weekend we observe Pentecost. Christ promised that His Advocate would be with us and His Church until the end of time. Hence the words that He uttered to the fearful disciples in today’s gospel: “Peace be with you.” The words are intended for us as well. With all that is going on in our country these days, it is easy to be not only fearful but also angry. Neither of these is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Wisdom is. Trying to understand what is happening in our society and sorting out what is right and wrong needs the gift of wisdom. Courage goes hand and hand with it. Courage is no more than denying fear the power to keep a person from doing the morally right thing. Fear of the Lord, another gift of the Spirit, does not mean trembling and fearing God but rather taking God seriously. Wisdom, courage, and fear of the Lord are just a few of the Holy Spirit’s gifts to us. May we be grateful for the promised Advocate gifting us with them this Pentecost.

It is easy to see the negative around us. But it is also a blessing to see the goodness in the holiday we celebrate this Monday. Memorial Day is so rich in its meaning for America and our families. Going to morning mass, watching a parade, going to the cemetery, or simply gathering with family and friends for a picnic are all part of this special day for our country. Let us enjoy every bit of the more positive and beautiful reality of what America is all about. May Memorial Day be inspiring for you!

Memorial Day Mass will be celebrated at St. Kateri at 9:00am.

All are welcome!