By Fr. Terry Kerner

This Sunday at the 11:00 am Mass four of our special parishioners will be receiving their First Holy Communion. They are very bright and well-prepared children who have exhibited a sincere desire to receive Christ in the Eucharist. Sometimes we take the sacraments for granted especially Eucharist because we have celebrated it for so many years. It should be very refreshing and inspiring to all of us to see young ones excited about meeting the Lord in this special way. So when you see Julius Ballog, Helen Hernandez, Monica Balog, and Hayden Horvath in the weeks ahead you will know them by the still untarnished haloes above their heads. Congratulations First Communicants! Traditionally we celebrate our May Crowning with the First Communicants at the end of Mass. Traditionally we celebrate our May Crowning with the First Communicants at the end of Mass.

True to our custom the Blessed Mother will be honored this Sunday and throughout the month of May. Please be aware that every Monday at 6 pm the rosary is prayed at Mary’s shrine in the garden area behind church. The devotion is celebrated through the end of October and all parishioners and visitors are welcome.

By now everyone should have received my letter and form inviting your participation in the annual Catholic Services Appeal (CSA). I would ask that you try to do what you can with your pledge. The form you received with my letter shows your last years’ pledge as a guide for giving. Each year we can maybe do better or understandably less. The important thing is that we participate. St. Kateri Parish has some of the highest participation rate in the Archdiocese at 47.09% last year. This is truly a very significant degree of support and allows for funds raised beyond our target to remain in the parish for special needs. Last year’ generosity allows us to be able to reseal and stripe our parking lot—an important maintenance practice. Thank you to all for supporting the CSA.

Have great week enjoying the gift of May!