FROM THE PASTOR’S DESK by Fr. Terry Kerner

A Blessed Easter to all of us! Easter is truly the GREAT celebration and culmination of our Faith. Either we believe in Resurrection, or we don’t. Not being able to explain or even understand how this could be is not the point of Easter. Believing in its reality is an act of faith and trust that life is more than just “time served” in this world. God thinks too much of us to let our soul slip from existence. We are created to enjoy a reality far beyond our understanding and even our imagination. We can only surmise what it might be like by our celebration of Easter. The customs and culture we have enjoyed with the Church and family traditions all point to a deeper purpose and meaning for our present life. Generations of our Christian ancestors have entrusted to us simple yet profound symbols and customs unique to every family. We can thank the Risen Lord that our parents and grandparents have shared with us.

St. Kateri parish can also thank the Lord for the staff and many volunteers who have given their time and generosity enabling us to enjoy Easter. All their efforts bring a sense of peace and reverence to our faith community. They truly enrich our faith and our sense that resurrection is lived every day of our lives.

A Blessed Easter to all your family!