From the Pastor’s Desk by Fr. Terry Kerner,

Halfway through Lent we begin to realize that maybe our self-imposed penance is not as difficult or demanding as we thought it might be. It might even be enjoyable and fulfilling. On the other hand, we might conclude that we are being too demanding and hard on ourselves and like a New Year resolution, we gradually let it fade into our list of good intentions. We can be adaptable during Lent and add and subtract penances. Ultimately, our penance(s) shows God how much we depend on Him and not on how strong we might think we are. Anything we do this Lent should only lead us to a joyous and faith filled embrace of Easter!

I want to point out a certain habit some folks are falling into and needs addressing. When coming into the church for Mass we are expected to observe a reverent silence. This does not mean we cannot quietly greet or welcome others. Our parish is noted for being friendly and welcoming. It does not mean carrying on a conversation at length with someone. Every parish has some “Chatty Cathies” and we have our share. Being friendly is a virtue but disturbing others who come for a little silent prayer before Mass can be annoying. There is plenty of time after Mass to talk. Please let others pray before Mass.

You will want to mark your calendar for the Palm Sunday pancake breakfast. We always have good attendance and delightful fellowship. That weekend we also deliver gifts to our special seniors of the parish. Anyone ninety or over receives a small Easter gift. We just need volunteers to deliver to the folks. Also don’t overlook the chance for Easter baked goods from the Capuchins. The order form can be found in today’s bulletin. Remember Easter flower forms are due next week.

The cost of our candles, like everything else, has gone up considerably. Beginning this weekend, we need to ask for $5.00 for a large candle and $1.00 for the smaller ones. This price increase allows us to just break even. These are the suggested donations; you are certainly welcome to offer more.

Continue making your good Lent!