From the Pastor’s Desk

By Fr. Terry Kerner

Easter is just around the proverbial corner which means next weekend we celebrate Palm Sunday. Palms will be found at each entrance of the church for you to take and then will be blessed at the beginning of Mass. A certain reverence for the palm should always be held since it is blessed and goes to your home. Like other blessed objects such as medals, rosaries, crucifixes, etc. they serve to remind us of our faith especially enlivened on Palm Sunday. It can recall for us year round the celebration by Christians of the holiest time of the year. Many folks will display the palm with a religious object such as a crucifix or a statue. Regarding last year’s palm you can burn it or always bring it to church and we will use it to prepare the ashes for next year’s Lent.

Confessions are being heard on Tuesday at 5:30 pm, Friday at 12:30 pm and again on Saturday at 3:00pm. We will also be celebrating a communal penance service with private confessions this coming Saturday at 11:00 am. Please note that the final time for confessions before Easter will be on Tuesday of Holy Week.

Regrettably this year we will not be having our perennial Pancake Breakfast and Children’s Easter Egg Hunt. Once again, the pandemic has affected our traditions. However, we have scheduled for Father’s Day, June 20th a breakfast. (Sadly, the Easter Bunny will be out of town and not available to hide any eggs.) I think we all look forward to things opening up in the near future and look forward to having some of our socials back. Meanwhile, Holy Week with the joyful triumphant day for Jesus can serve to remind us all the pain and suffering that can always follow. Jesus’ sufferings can perhaps help us to put into perspective our own sufferings and disappointments during this time of pandemic. At the same time His resurrection can reveal to all of us what is yet come.

Enjoy holy days ahead!