FROM THE PASTOR’S DESK                 by Fr. Terry Kerner

It has been a while since you last heard from me but please know I have not abandoned anyone. This Spring has brought me some challenging health issues dealing with my heart and breathing functions. Thankfully the docs and medical folks have got me pretty much back on track. They have only insisted that I try to get more rest and take time off to build up my stamina which I am doing. I hope to be back in church in the weeks ahead. Meanwhile I have to thank Deacon Tom, Fr. Luke, Fr. Greg and even Bishop Battersby for filling in for me over the last few weekends. Over the last few weeks our parish staff has done a beautiful job of keeping things running well. But then, that is what they always do all year round. Our staff all have the hearts of servants. They have not left you feeling like orphans. I truly want to thank all who have sent me get well cards and messages that have sincerely offered encouragement. Being remembered in your prayer sustains everyone’s faith and certainly in my own belief in the power of prayer. In the days ahead I will be seeking to build up my stamina and add a few more hours to my workday. Please keep those prayers coming!

While you are so generous with your prayers you also remain generous year after year to the annual CSA. I thank you for that. Currently we have reached 134% of our assigned target of $48,818. One hundred eighty-three parishioners and visitors have contributed $16,822 over our goal, all of which remains in the parish. As we have always said that our suggested pledge of $300 might be too difficult for some folks and at the same time it might be less challenging for others. Even if you are not in a position to contribute, please return your card indicating that and we will know that you are supporting the CSA with your prayer and concern. Non-registered worshipers are also invited to make a donation to the parish CSA. Indicate in an envelope that your donation is for the CSA and place it in one of the offertory baskets around the church. It is the only fundraiser the parish has, and it always goes to meet parish needs. THANK YOU to all who are supporting this year’s efforts.

Enjoy the summer weeks ahead — they go by so quickly!