From the Pastor’s Desk

By Fr. Terry Kerner

Probably most of you are aware of the changes in the Archdiocese involving the change of parish structures known as “Family of Parishes”. Half of the archdiocese’s 218 parishes have been grouped together and began their new relationship on July first. It is important to know that this new structure is NOT clustering or merging but a practical and necessary pastoral response to changing demographics and the reduced number of priests available to serve. A parish still retains its canonical independence, finances, and assets. In this first wave our neighboring Dearborn parishes of Sacred Heart, St. Anselm, St. Linus, St. Sabina, and Divine Child began the historic change. St. Kateri, St. Maria Goretti (formerly St. Sebastian), St. Barbara, St. Cunegunda, St. Alphonsus/St. Clement will be part of the second wave beginning a year from now on July 1, 2022. All of this restructuring is NOT intended to create instability but rather viability and greater collaborative efforts in our parish ministries. Be assured that your favorite pew at St. Kateri is secure. Over the course of this year, we will be sharing more information to you.

Our neighbor St. Maria Goretti Parish has a new pastor. Fr. David Lesniak has replaced Fr. Wally Ptak who has moved to Farmington Our Lady of Sorrows. Fr. David is no stranger to Dearborn having served as pastor of St. Alphonsus for many years. We welcome him and look forward to working with him in our future family of parishes.

All trained and qualified Eucharistic Ministers, regardless of your parish, are welcome to serve Holy Communion at St. Kateri. We need three at each Mass and invite you to come forward during the greeting of peace. Altar servers are also encouraged to assist at Mass. Parents and grandparents are welcome to serve with their children as well. Simply come to the sacristy (near the organ) and we will suit you up. All we ask is that you have made your first communion and desire to do some special work for the Lord!

As of this past Tuesday St. Kateri has raised 112% of its CSA target! What a wonderful statement about our generosity and faith both in our parish and the charities supported by the Archdiocese. A gift to the CSA is not a disengaged check to some diocesan office downtown but an actual and real support for scores of charities dependent on the Archbishop for his help. THANK YOU for all you are doing.

Enjoy your week and keep praying for those TIGERS!