Father, we lift up all those who are facing illness today. We ask that you would bring healing, comfort and peace to their bodies. Calm their fears and let them experience the healing power of Your love!
In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Ana Bautista
Edgar Bautista
Miguel Bautista
Lea Berta
Rose Brunetti
Elaine Bucholtz
Rusty Burrell
Maria Caretti
Rachel Clark
Simon Croke
Susan Ferrier
Bob Fulkerson
Bradley Golm
Dolores Hnot
Mary Hodak
Emily Hudson
Chris Kanai
Joann King
Fran LaMacchia
Irene Lazar
Pat Mazzola
Perla Navarro
Peter Nolan
Timothy Nolan
Patricia O’Daniel
Kevin O’Day
Dorothy Pakron
Sidney Saynor
Julia Smith
Michelle Smith
Deborah Stoner
Marc Wais
Michael Ward
Jim Weeks
Tom Yeip

Please remember in prayer those parishioners listed above.

Names will be on our prayer list for two months and then removed. If the need is still present a quick call to the office will restore the name to our list.

To re-list or add names for the month please call the parish office at (313) 336-3227.