God of mercy, in your word of Scripture, you instruct us To “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

Give us today the courage to assist those around us who may need our assistance. Give us patience when we become impatient.

Remind us to pray for all those who perished on United Airlines 93, American Airlines 11, United Airlines 175, American Airlines 77, and those in the Twin Towers, and Pentagon. 

Give us a heart thankful for those who gave their lives as first responders, as did the men and women who ran into danger to be of aid.

We ask all this in the name of the One who first responded to our need for a savior, Jesus the Christ.



By Trevor Freeze  (an excerpt from the complete article)

Walking the Ground Zero perimeter for about 16 hours a day, Anne Bybee found herself almost numb. A sense of hopelessness had kicked in as she kept staring at this pile of madness.

But then, out of nowhere, she finally saw it.

‘I’ve never seen that before’

Anne stared at it for a few minutes. Or maybe it was an hour. She lost track of time.

A cross had naturally formed from the mangled remains of the Twin Towers and despite walking past this spot many times on the backside of Ground Zero, Anne had somehow missed the imagery.

The image of the cross was more than a coincidence for Bybee, more than two fallen beams.

The voice of the Lord was speaking to her.

“As I was staring at that, I got a sense of peace,” Anne said. “I got a very strong message. That message was, ‘You are not alone. I am here.‘”

The longer Anne looked at the cross, the more she was moved. There was other material wrapped around it that resembled the clothes that Jesus would have worn.

The steam in the background represented the devastation for the 9/11 families, while Anne saw a ray of light coming in from the left, which was actually a stream of water gushing in.