Blessing of Veterans

There are so many veterans in our country now. It used to be that veterans were a small contingency in our communities. It did not take that much effort to care for and, once a year, thank them. Now, however, with so many wars in violent parts of the world, there are more veterans than we can compassionately care for. There are many men and women who come back from the service who are wounded for life, either physically, mentally, or emotionally. On this Veterans Day, let us remember those who have served our country, but more than remember, let us redouble our efforts to care for those still with us.

Let us pray…

Good and gracious God, you do not condone war. Help us to understand the cause of war and work toward alleviating it from the face of the earth you created. We ask you to bless the veterans of our country, but also to bless the veterans of our enemies too.

War is the ultimate failure on our part to see the needs of our neighbor. Let us remember that our neighbor is our brother. We ask this in the name of Jesus, our brother and Savior.