From the Pastor’s Desk

By Fr. Terry Kerner

This weekend we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost and what some have called “the Birthday of the Church”. God’s Spirit has come to dwell in our midst and infuse His gifts into our lives. What great spiritual power and authority He has entrusted to us. Our life in the Church and practice of our faith ensures that the spiritual strength we are endowed with is used purposefully and generously for others. At the conclusion of Mass, the Pascal candle is extinguished marking the end of the Easter season and the beginning of Ordinary Time – a period in the life of the Church when the presence of the Holy Spirit can be far from “ordinary”!

The annual Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) just began officially last weekend, and we are already at 11% of our target as of this writing – Tuesday, May 18th. By now most have received my letter in addition to the Archbishop’s. We recommend that you make your contribution directly to the parish either via the offertory, mail or directly to the office. I thank all who have already made their pledge and gotten us to the eleven percent!

Not only do we need your money, but we could use some of your blood! The American Red Cross desperately needs blood, and we are hosting a drive on Sunday, June 6th from 8am – 2pm. In our parish hall. The drive welcomes non-parishioners as well. Please spread the word.

The Lennon Center, a safe home for unwed mothers, has launched a drive for diapers. Through the end of June, we will be collecting contributions. Packages can be left in our vestibules.

I invite everyone to take time to respond to Congress’s consideration of eliminating the exemption of federal funding for abortions. Today’s bulletin contains relevant information concerning this moral issue. Please take the time to respond.

And there, you have it! We are seeking your money, your blood, your diapers, and your moral voice – what more can one ask?

Have an enjoyable final week of May!