FROM THE PASTOR’S DESK                      

By Fr. Terry Kerner

My best to all the fathers of St. Kateri Parish. You are a blessing to your children and a witness to your faith. You probably don’t often reflect on the influence you have on your children and grandchildren when it comes to faith and how to practice it. Words and actions speak volumes about our relationship with God and the Church. Being here on this Father’s Day maybe says it all! Enjoy your special day, Dads!

In a couple of weeks, we begin the new structure being implemented throughout the Archdiocese. The structure aligns priests and deacons in a relationship making them at service to every parish in the “family” yet primarily responsible for their own parish. Each parish retains its own finances and assets and at the same time look for situations and opportunities to both share and collaborate. The hope is to find cost savings and exchange best practices.

Parish communities will not be seeing any radical changes or disruptions. There will probably be some adjustments in mass schedules after Labor Day. There will also be planned gatherings of the parish staffs to exchange ideas and possibilities for savings with our resources. We will also see some social gatherings intended to bring folks together to share the story of their parishes and their faith. I invite you to do the same and enjoy getting to know our neighbors.