From the Pastor’s Desk

Welcome to 2021 and a return to our regular Mass schedule! While exceedingly different this year the Holidays were certainly a welcome break to the drabness of dealing with the boring pandemic Hopefully everyone observed all the protocols and remain healthy, something that we want to carry into the new year. Let us pray for one another as we journey through the year.

I want to thank all of you who offered to me Christmas greetings and very kind gifts. I never cease to be amazed at the thoughtfulness and generosity of our parishioners. I am currently working on the appropriate thank you notes. If I miss anyone, my apologies. Know my appreciation for your Christmas wishes.

Many thanks also to all our parishioners who made Christmas calls to their fellow parishioners. Most folks are doing well and the phone call may have been just a formality and nice effort at sharing the Christmas spirit. Others, especially those living alone or struggling in other ways needed to hear from someone this Christmas. Maybe they can expect more calls through the winter months. It’s all about watching out for one another. Our “Ninety & Nice” project proved successful with over sixty of our ninety-year-old parishioners given a poinsettia and parish calendar when they were visited by parishioners. We have received many words of gratitude from our seniors and their families. I thank all our volunteers who took the time to make the visits. No doubt it helped to make Christmas a little more special.

Our Christmas collection and CSA exceeded our parish budget and target and I want to thank all of you who made this happen. Contributions to both are still coming in and we will share with you the final counts in a week or two. Of course any amount over budget and target will be used to offset the shortage in our weekly offertory.

Michigan vanity plates have been around for some time and often so accurately describe the personality, the foibles, and certainly the humor of many drivers. Over the Christmas holidays one of our parishioners found herself behind a car with the following plate:


Needless to say, our own parishioner after a hearty laugh, still managed to arrive at St. Kateri well in time for Mass. (What’s on your plate?)

Have a good week and a healthy, happy and holy New Year!