By Fr. Terry Kerner

Last Sunday’s Open House for the four churches in our Family of Parishes was a success! Folks enjoyed the spirit of the Magi as they travelled from church to church and were greeted by parishioners who volunteered their hospitality and faith with their visitors. Many people commented that they had never been in a couple of our Family’s churches and appreciated the opportunity to do so. Judging from all the positive comments we’ll have to do this again next year. So mark your calendars for January 7, 2024, next year’s Feast of the Epiphany!

Many thanks for everyone’s generosity to St. Kateri at Christmas time. Some parishioners make their offertory contribution at this time when it is not taxed. As of last Sunday, the Christmas collection stands at $48,255. Some folks who were away at Christmas asked if their annual offering could still be made. Yes, is the answer as long the check is marked “Christmas”. Thank you to all who have contributed at Christmas and weekly or monthly throughout the year. You enable St. Kateri parish to make the proverbial “ends meet”!

Know that your contribution is tax deductible, and the parish can provide a statement of contribution at your request. Please note the simple request form the bulletin and return it to the office. Or a simple call to the parish office (313-336-3227) will do just as well.

Have a good January and hopefully for everyone, a year of good health!