From the Pastor’s Desk

Super Bowl weekend gives us a welcome break from the worries of COVID and its accommodations that demand our attention. If you are a football fan it’s great and fun weekend. If you are not a fan then try to find other distractions to get your mind off of the winter blahs. It’s good to let others know how you are feeling and coping with the protocols imposed on us over the last several months. I want to thank our parishioners who continue to make phone calls to many of our folks to “Just check in” and see how they are doing. It’s one of those old fashion corporal works of mercy.

This coming Tuesday the Archbishop will let us know if the dispensation from attending Mass is still in effect. His decision depends on tracking the Virus and what the projections are for the future. We are also livestreaming the weekend Masses with a weekly average of 184 views. I want to thank Kevin Jakubowicz for his leadership with this service and his willingness to train the already eight volunteers who have come forward to be a part of the Blessed Carlo video ministry. If you would like to help let Kevin know. We will be mailing to each household next week the decision regarding the dispensation as well as the complete Lent and Holy Week schedule. Please note the addition of two confession times beginning after Ash Wednesday, February Seventeenth. Hopefully this coming Lent will be a meaningful experience and spiritually fruitful.

Have a good week and enjoy a great football game if you are so inclined.