FROM THE PASTOR’S DESK                                   

By Fr. Terry Kerner

As I write on this Tuesday morning for this weekend’s bulletin my thoughts reflect back on my ordination to the Priesthood on February 4, 1972. I also am made aware of the prediction for heavy snowfall over the next few days — almost an exact repeat of fifty years ago. My ordination took place in my home parish of St. John the Baptist in Ypsilanti with a 7:00 pm Friday ceremony. The weather was terrible, but Bishop Joe Schoenherr was wonderful. As a bishop he ordained me to all the minor and major orders as they were called in those days. My parish in Ypsilanti is where I received all my sacraments as witnessed by my parents and family members.

Fifty years is a long time and they have been blessed with the love and caring of more people than I can ever remember. Over the years I have had the privilege of ministering in eight different assignments across the Archdiocese including this my fifteenth year in Dearborn. I love being a priest and the blessings and challenges ordination brings. The greatest blessings come from all whom I meet and seek to serve. Every day is different, and I learned a long time ago to expect the unexpected.

Some have asked if there is any plan for a celebration for my 50th. I expect so but then again, the unexpected Covid has put things on the back burner. Whatever is planned will be a celebration of the faith we share and the blessings of priesthood in our lives. We will let you know.

Let us get through the recent snowstorm and winter with our prayers for one another and vocations to the Priesthood of Jesus Christ!