Merry Christmas to all! I hope we can all say and mean the greeting we offer to others. Respect for other’s holidays and holydays is always appropriate as is pride in our own as Catholic Christians. Please never be embarrassed or ashamed to greet others with the joyful acclamation of our Savior’s birth and celebration of this beautiful season. Let us never lose sight or let others take away our appreciation for our rich heritage that our faith and families have cherished through the years. Some folks who have worked so diligently “to make the season bright” are the staff of St. Kateri Parish. We are blessed to have such a competent and dedicated team working each week to make our parish a special place to worship and celebrate faith. My personal thanks for each and every one of them! (I suspect that any bells you hear over this Christmas season are our own St. Kateri angels getting their wings.)

Enjoy Christmas to the fullest. Our world needs its joy and hope.

Please consider celebrating Epiphany, January 8th from Noon to 3pm, with a tour of the four churches in our Family of Parishes. All of us share the Feast of Christmas. Let us take time to see how other parishes decorate and share the happiness of the season. There is a map and article in today’s bulletin as a reminder. (Rumor has it that Santa is bringing some Christmas cookies to St. Kateri -just in case you need a little nourishment on you tour!)

Again, Merry Christmas from all of us at St. Kateri! 

Fr. Terry Kerner