From the Pastor’s Desk

By Fr. Terry Kerner

As sure as April showers bring May flowers you can be certain that the annual Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) is just around the corner in May. You might remember that because of the pandemic last year’s CSA was held in September along with a 15% reduction in our target. My sincere thanks to all of you who were able to contribute. Our participation rate was 49.4% – the fourth highest in all of the Archdiocese. Your generosity allowed us to exceed our target and able to apply it to some of our offertory shortfall.

This year the CSA is back on its May schedule with a few changes. The Archdiocese has asked anyone who has contributed to the CSA for the last three years to consider increasing their donation. The request comes with a pledge card that can be a little confusing. Your CSA gift would be mailed to Minneapolis for processing but applied totally to the St. Kateri target. Other elements in the mailing has also created some confusion for some parishioners.

I will be mailing in early May a parish letter with a suggested gift amount and donation card. The USUAL procedure for donating, i.e. via the offertory, the mail or directly to the parish office, will be encouraged. However, if you have already mailed in your CSA contribution in response to the Archbishop’s letter please be assured that it will be applied to St. Kateri’s target. The Archdiocese is working to make the annual CSA drive easier for parishes but in the process has allowed for some confusion. Like most things in life, nothing is ever perfect. Please know that we will conduct the annual CSA in our usual and proven successful way starting in a few weeks. No one can argue with your generosity and a 49.4% participation rate!

Enjoy the week and thanks for all your understanding.