From the Pastor’s Desk

By Fr. Terry Kerner

Happy and Blessed Easter Season to all! The celebration of Easter is far more than just one day but an entire fifty days right up to Pentecost. It is actually perfectly suitable to wish another “Happy Easter” for many days. But more than a greeting, the Easter season is a prolonged time to think about what your life is all about and how the Risen Lord brings us into eternity. In other words, how we live and what we do has eternal consequences that are redeemed and made holy through the actions of Christ. Take time these fifty days of the Easter season to reflect on the redeeming grace in your life yesterday, today and in your eternal tomorrow.

Our parish of St. Kateri can be very grateful for its generosity. The parish staff all deserve our thanks for their extra efforts during Lent and Holy Week. Our volunteers who serve us at our liturgies and socials and multiple events during Lent enhancing the grace-filled opportunities to grow, all of them are deeply appreciated. And it was with real missionary zeal that much was done for others this Lent. The collaboration with the K of C for Ukraine raised $10,500 which will be matched by the Knights. Gifts and visits to our seniors and opportunities to celebrate the Sacrament of the Sick took special notice of our special parishioners. We’re a busy parish of generous people. Take time to Rejoice this Easter!