Our Prayers are with you 

Dear God,
We place our sick under your care and humbly ask that you restore your servants to health.


Virginia Alfano Carlilosot Anasco 
Leonora Anasco Deloris Antko
Aurora Balino Julia Bernardo
Gregory Blow Marvella Bonell
Tina Brighton Frank D’Attilo
Josephine Erdody Heather Glover
Peggy Hengesbaugh Delores Hnot
Kay Jorgensen Stanley Kozlowicz
Stanley Lane Gary Lewis
Katherine Miller Patrica C. Nasarzewski
Olga Nebesio Nancy Piazza
Larry Pytleski Carolyn Reeber
Jane Roberts Ed Schuler
Bobbie Sobieraj Kathy Sullivan
Nellie Taylor Toni Terns
Gary Tonilas Yvette Tremaine
John Witalac, OFS Poly Woznik
Ann Zombeck


Please remember in prayer those parishioners listed above. Names will run for that given month. 
To re-list or add names for the month please call the parish offices.

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