By Fr. Terry Kerner

I suspect that you might be reading this week’s bulletin with this winter’s first significant snowfall swirling about. We are fortunate that we have gone this long without snow, but you can be assured our good luck won’t last much longer. We have had a very competent and committed snow removal service that keeps our parking spaces and walks cleared and salted. All this is done to keep folks safe and secure. Please be careful when coming and going and maybe even offer an arm to someone who just might appreciate an arm to lean on and a little help traversing their way to church.

Our Pastoral Council met this past week and reviewed the parish “Social calendar” for the next few months. A couple of items you might want to notate on your calendar are: the annual St. Patrick’s Irish Stew dinner scheduled for Saturday, March 16th after the 4:00 PM Mass and the Palm Sunday Pancake breakfast on April 14th. Both events have been popular over the years. There was also discussion of a parish picnic this coming summer possibly on July 14th – the Feast Day of St. Kateri. We will need volunteers to help with all the events. Think about what you might want to do.

Inside the bulletin we have pictured and described some of the major outreach projects during the past year of 2018. As you will notice, St. Kateri parishioners are extremely generous and conscious of the needs of others. You can be very proud of being a parishioner of St. Kateri Church in addition to many goods and services provided last year we also contributed significant donations to the following: St. Leo Soup Kitchen: $500, St. Sebastian School: $5,000. Holy Trinity School: $1,000, and $500 to the Jesuit Red Cloud Indian School in South Dakota. Because you have been generous to the parish the parish can be generous to others. Thank you for all you have done this past year!

In the past five years since the merger of the parishes, St. Kateri has consistently met its commitment to its mission statement of promoting vocations, supporting Catholic education and reaching out to those in need. May God bless each of you for performing so admirably over the years!

Enjoy Winter!


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