By Fr. Terry Kerner

I had a bit of a scare a week and a half ago at the end of our Parish Finance Council meeting when I experienced a “cardiac event” and was rushed to Beaumont Oakwood. After what seemed like countless tests and endless examination, I experience the proverbial heart catherization. The cardiologist located the problem-a severely obstructed artery. The necessary stent was implanted allowing for proper blood flow. I feel better though encouraged by the doctors to go a little easier for a week or two. Thank God Fr. Gary’s knee surgery has been postponed and he is able to celebrate many of the liturgies. Please keep me in your prayer as I hold you in mine.

This weekend we, of course, celebrate the Beatification of Fr. Casey-Detroit’s hometown saint. Many parishioners have had firsthand experience with Father Solanus from years ago. Others have stories of miracles and positive stories that they attribute to his intervention. It is good to share these stories with family members and friends. In this age of cynicism and doubt, hearing testimonies of minor miracles and prayers answered might be what evangelization is all about. Let us celebrate the holiness in our midst, not just at Ford Field this weekend, but in our homes and parishes everyday!

Have a good week and a Happy Thanksgiving.


O gracious Lord, we give you thanks for your

overflowing generosity to us.

Thank you for the blessings of the food we eat.

Thank you for our home, our family and friends.

Thank you for our health, our work and our play.

Please send hope to those who are hungry,

alone, sick, suffering war and violence.

Open our hearts to your love.

We ask your blessing through Christ you Son.



Mary Cronk Farell

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