By Fr. Terry Kerner

I want to thank all who extended their Congratulations on the occasion of my 45th Anniversary of Ordination. The years certainly go by very swiftly and the support and prayers of folks over time make any burden light and joyful. Thank you for all your support and prayers for all priests and seminarians! 

In just two weeks we will begin our Parish Mission. Please note that the Mission is open to all, not just parishioners of St. Kateri. Please feel free to invite family and friends to any and all of the sessions. We will need your participation And a little help to make our parish retreat successful. There is no “heavy lifting” involved, just a little hosting and serving. You may contact the parish office at 336-3227 with your choice to help. It would be appreciated. Help is needed greeting and passing out handouts before sessions as well as serving at the socials. 

Let’s pray together for blessings on our Parish Mission! 


The joy of our Catholic heritage 

The art of prayer– meeting God in authentic conversation How to deal with the tough issues of life 

Mary, the model of our discipleship 

Contemplative prayer is for everyone 

Healing relationships 

Transforming anger and bitterness through compassion 

Healing past hurts 

How life’s losses can become steppingstone to new beginnings 

How to forgive from the heart 

Embracing the unconditional love of God 

Recognizing the sacred moments of our lives 


I have been busy this past week finalizing plans for the Parish Mission scheduled for February 26-28. We have tried to create a schedule that allows for maximum participation for all parishioners. Let me share it with you.

Sunday, February 26

6:00 PM: First Day Theme: “How Do We Handle the Everyday Stresses and Pressures of Life.” (Letting God Lighten Our Load/Taking Refuge in God)

7:30: Social in St. Francis Room

Monday, February 27

11:00 AM: Second Day Theme: “How to Cope with Life’s Losses– Mary Our Model”

12:30 PM: Soup & Salad Lunch in St. Francis Room

1:30 PM: Private Confessions in Church

6:00 PM: Mass

6:30 PM: Evening Session of the Second Day (Same theme as morning session)

8:00 PM: Social in St. Francis Room

Tuesday, February 28

11:00 AM: Third Day Theme: “Forgiving as God Forgives– How to Heal & Repair Relationships”

12:30 PM: Soup & Salad Lunch in St. Francis Room

1:30 PM: Private Confessions in Church

6:00 PM: Mass

6:30 PM: Evening Session of Third Day: (Same theme as morning session)

8:00 PM: Social in St. Francis Room (Pączki & Coffee)

Ash Wednesday, March 1

9:00 AM: Mass & Distribution of Ashes

Noon Mass & Distribution of Ashes

5:30 PM: Mass & Distribution of Ashes


A Parish Mission is a MUST. Why? Because nothing less than miracles can happen! Miracles of the heart! A mission by the two deacons draws the whole parish together. It recharges the congregation. Everyone takes time for the truly important things like wonder, mystery and prayer. People reconcile. Faith is awakened. Vocations are discovered. Families are healed. Lives are forever changed. The parish discovers afresh its ultimate calling and meaning.


Deacon Eddie Ensley and Deacon Robert Hermann are both nationally known authors and retreat leaders. They have over thirty years experience leading parish mission, retreats and conferences. Passionately overwhelming audiences with their talks, they teach the same way Jesus taught the crowds, by telling stories and parables. Infectious wit, down-to-earth insights and truly holy inspiration are the hallmarks of their message.

Their gentle words help the heaven and earth together, helping the divine connect with our everyday living. Many pastors and parish leaders say the team’s missions attracted the largest crown they ever had for a mission.


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