By Fr. Terry Kerner

This Sunday is a special day for six young men of our parish who will be confirmed at the 11:00 AM Mass by Bishop Battersby. These ninth graders have been preparing for two years to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation - an important experience in becoming a full and active Catholic. Please keep them and the Bishop in your prayers and look for their picture in next week’s bulletin. It is unusual to have only boys in the class. So far, there are only girls in next year’s Confirmation class. We leave it all up to the Holy Spirit!

We want to thank four dedicated parishioners for their service on the Pastoral Council over the years. Janeen Bodary, Mike Burke, Theresa Martin, and Joe Walsh have been consistent and positive contributors to the pastoral vision for St. Kateri over many years. We want to sincerely thank them for their commitment and their love for their parish. Please thank them when you seem them!

We now have four vacancies on the Pastoral Council that we should try to fill in the next week. We would like to encourage some of our “millennials” to come forward. One must be confirmed and registered in the parish and attending Mass on a regular basis. If you would like to serve for either a one year term or for a three year term please contact me this week. Hopefully, at our September 24th meeting we will have a full council.

Have a good week.


This Sunday at the 11:00 AM Mass

Maximus Gamri Attard, Aidan James Gonzalez, Harrison Jerome Greig, Harrison Michael LePage, Ricardo Serratos III, Robert Carl Wexel



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