By Fr. Terry Kerner

As the Catholic Chaplain for the Dearborn Police Department I was privileged this past Tuesday to offer the invocation at the annual Awards Luncheon. Several officers deservedly received commendations, citations and awards. Individual accounts of each officerís meritorious actions were shared with the guests and Exchange Club members present. The stories of these men and women police officers portrayed actions that displayed outstanding professionalism and courage. Their many day to day duties and service is probably taken for granted by the average citizen. The officersí quiet heroics are for the most part never known by the general public. From reviving a babyís breathing to quelling a potentially deadly domestic dispute, our Dearborn Police begin their shifts not knowing what they will encounter but willing to fulfill their oaths to serve and protect. Letís not ever forget them and their families who also serve as they await their loved ones return home each day.

This weekend of Pentecost reminds us of Godís Spirit in our lives and Christís mandate to carry on his mission in the world. The Holy Spirit in no small way motivates and inspires our loving acts of Faith, Hope and Charity in our daily living. We should never underestimate our ability to do great things, hope for miracles and love generously in our lives. Two women being confirmed in their belief in the Holy Spiritís gifts are Marie Webb and Chelsea Piatek, both of whom were welcomed into the Church this past Easter. St. Kateri congratulates them both as they are Confirmed by Archbishop Vigneron this Sunday at the Blessed Sacrament Cathedral!

I want to thank all of you who have returned your gift and commitment to the Catholic Services Appeal (CSA). You have been generous in your offering and supportive of the many works in our Archdiocese. Currently we are at 67% of our parish target and look forward to meeting our mark in the next few weeks. Returns to the CSA can be made through the mail, the offertory or directly to the parish office.

Thank you for all you do!

Enjoy your week and a beautiful month of May.


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