By Fr. Terry Kerner

We are well into the season of Lent and hopefully taking advantage of these days to focus a little on ourselves. Focusing on ourselves isnít being selfish but a very sensible way of trying to see ourselves as God and others see us. An honest Lent looks at those negative elements in our personality that can discourage and perhaps even scandalize others. Our language, our gestures, our ways of interacting with people throughout the day might be something we may want to look at for improvement.

On the other hand, Lent is also a time to see those very good qualities, virtues and kind deeds that we can easily take for grated. Firs of all letís have the humility to give thanks to God for our virtues and all those good gifts inherited from our parents and grandparents that lead us to do good for others. Simple acts of kindness are the most transparent presence of Godís grace in our lives. Donít complicate Lent, keep it simple, real and appropriate for your state in life. Do what you can and thank the Lord that you are able to do it!

One simple act of charity recommended for this Lent is to contact one or more of the folks on our infirm list published weekly in our bulletin. A short note, a brief phone call or a kind visit to anyone of them might just be the thing that they need this Lent. Maybe youíre just the person to do it!

Next Sunday, March 24th at Noon we will be hosting another Fireside Chat in Resurrection Hallóour gathering space. The presentation will highlight the life of San Salvador Archbishop Oscar Romero martyred on March 24, 1980, while offering Mass in the hospital Chapel of Divine Providence. The story of his life and his ultimate canonization by Pope Francis took place on October 14, 2018. The presentation is open to the public at no cost.

Have a good Lent.


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