By Fr. Terry Kerner

Words of gratitude for all our mothers celebrating this weekend. You are all appreciated by your families and certainly by St. Kateri Parish. Know that you will be remembered, as well as all our deceased mothers, at all the Masses this weekend. May all of you enjoy the blessings of your family this Sunday!

Last Sunday mothers were beaming as they saw their children receive their first Holy Communion at our 11:00 AM Mass. All of us can look back when we were their age and felt a little more grown up, holy and the center of attention at homeĖ at least for the day. Parents, of course, have the ultimate responsibility for raising their children in the Faith. Their first communions is one very important step. Please donít let it be infrequent or their last. As parishioners can also share in the childrenís support with our prayers and encouragement. Donít be embarrassed to let them know how proud you are of them.

Last Sunday was also National Vocations Awareness Day. Prayers is powerful and needed to promote and support vocations. The Archdiocese has printed prayer cards for us and are available in the pews. Feel free to take home, one, or whatever number you might need. Just be sure to use it!

There are three vacancies for a one year term on our Pastoral Council. The vacancies will be filled on Trinity Sunday, June 11th when three names will be drawn from the pool of candidates who have submitted their names. All candidates need to be baptized, confirmed, registered in the parish and practicing the Faith. You have until June 5th to let me know if you are interested.

The parish sponsored Autumn Getaway to upstate New York in the Fall is beginning to take reservations. About one third of the seats have already been spoken for and several folks have expressed interest. The trip is open to non-parishioners as well Let us know if you have questions or interest.

I want to remind all our high school graduates of St. Kateri to submit a picture and a short biography for publication in the parish paper. (If we do not receive your graduation picture we will be forced to draw a picture of you which probably wonít be too flattering.) We are proud of all of you and want the parish to be able to congratulate you for your important success. Young parishioners who have been confirmed this Spring should also contact us. You also deserve our applause!

Have a great week and celebrate your great mothers and grandmothers!


Our parish is a giving and supportive parish of CSA. So far we have received approximately 33 % of our target goal, $17,0115 of $51,037. Keep up the good work!


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