By Fr. Terry Kerner

April 20th Holy Saturday Blessing of Baskets Noon

Easter Vigil 7:00 PM

There is NO 4:00 PM Mass

April 21st Easter Masses 9:00 AM & 11:00 AM

St. Kateri Parish wishes all our parishioners and visitors a joyful Easter. The Resurrection of Christ is the central dogma and reality for the Church. Whether we believe it or not, it does not change its reality. Whether you can understand and know how this is possible does not change the fact it happened. Whether you live or not live your life with the understanding that this event is the purpose of your existence is up to you. The truth and reality of resurrection is not up to your ability to explain or believe it. It is real despite whether you offer your agreement or not. Your faith or lack of it does not change the incredible gift given us. That very profound gift is this: Our Heavenly Father refuses to let sin and death overcome His Son and by extension all of us! To see our life as ending with our death and burial is to be so short sighted and missing the meaning and purpose of your existence. To quote the very old Baltimore Catechism, the document that tried to simplify and explain some very basic realities of our belief: Q: “Why did God make us” A:”To know Him and love Him in this world so that we can be with Him in the next.” Know and love Him this Easter season confident that you will be with Him in your life to come! HAPPY EASTER to you and your family. 

Part of the beauty of celebrating a joyful Easter is all that leads up to it. From Ash Wednesday onward, the Church (you and your fellow believers) have celebrated liturgies and events including Stations of the Cross, prayer gatherings, outreach opportunities and even fish fries. With Palm Sunday weekend and the intense liturgical expressions of our Faith through Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday, we can only deepen our appreciation for the richness of our Faith and its expressions.

None of our celebrations are possible without the many dedicated folks who work so generously. THANK YOU to all our liturgical and hospitality ministers and everyone who works so quietly and with dedication behind the scenes. May they and all of you know of St. Kateri’s appreciation!


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