By Fr. Terry Kerner

Last weekend’s petition drive for the Michigan Right to Life effort was very productive with 166 folks signing the petition. Thank you to all who have made the effort to support the drive as well as the volunteers who gave their time. Two more weekends, September 7/8 and October 5/6, will offer the opportunity to sign the petition if you have not already. To learn more about the petition drive and its purpose I encourage you to go to the Michigan Right to Life website:

No doubt summer is a time you make improvements and do maintenance around your house. The church plant is no exception. Three projects are scheduled for St. Kateri in the next few weeks. The first is the re-building the two aluminum covered white columns at the front of the church. This requires removing the old covering and rebuilding the wooden frame encasing the steel posts. It seems that over the decades the carpenter ants and termites have enjoyed a “buffet”. Secondly the planters, also in front of the church, will be undergoing tuck-pointing and the replacement of several cracked and broken bricks. The church building has certainly gotten its “money’s worth” since both the columns and planters date back to the early 1950’s. A third project is the application of new crushed granite pathway to the Marian shrine and Way of the Cross behind the church. The original pathway was created eleven years ago and has served us well. If you do not know of which I speak, please take the time to either walk or drive around the back of the parish center. The grounds of your parish are a hidden gem of natural beauty and spiritual retreat. (Many a bride has used the area as a stunning background for their wedding pictures!)

Projects like these are possible with your help with the CSA and the money that stays in the parish after we have reached our target. I thank you for that. Currently we are at 105% of the target or over by $3,100. Your generosity is being put to good use.

This Thursday, August 15, is the Feast of the Assumption of Mary-a holyday of obligation. Masses are at 9:00 AM, Noon and 5:00 PM. The celebration of the Dormitio (“Falling asleep”) of Mary dates back to the 5th century in Rome. Curiously, two great priests, Msgr. Hubert Maino, pastor of St. Francis Cabrini and Msgr. Clem Kern, pastor of Holy Trinity, both entered eternal life on this feast day.

Have a good weekend and we will see you in church on Thursday!


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