By Fr. Terry Kerner

Planning for the October 20-22 parish celebration commemorating St. Kateriís Canonization is going well. There is a variety of programs and liturgies envisioned. I am grateful to the many parishioners who have come forward and volunteered to take on various tasks. We will be publishing soon the complete schedule of eventsóall of which are open to all parishioners and our fellow Catholics throughout the Archdiocese.

Mark your calendars now!

Next Sunday, September 24th, at the crack of dawn, twenty-four hardy souls will embark on our parish trip to the Shrine of St. Kateri in upstate New York. The visit to her shrine and the one dedicated to the Jesuit North American Martyrs will give us a special appreciation for our own Catholic heritage and its seeds planted in the sixteenth century. 

The itinerary also calls for a visit to the Baseball Hall of Fame, Hyde Park, the Culinary Institute of America, West Point and a mountain side resort on the way home. Hopefully, the weather will be great and all will go well on our Autumn getaway!

Have a great week!


Our parish has been blessed over the past few years with the resources to help create a new parish center and establish beautiful grounds. However, there is still work to be done and we could use your help. Needed renovations to the parish hall include new heating and cooling systems and a new ceiling with lighting fixtures. We need 53 lights. If you would like to donate a fixture and at the same time honor someone who has brought light into your life, simply fill out this form and enclose your gift. It is an easy way of saying thank you!

Enclosed is my gift to St. Kateri church honoring _____________________for being a light to me.

Name ________________________________________ Phone Number ___________________


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