From the Pastor’s Desk

This coming Wednesday is St. Patrick’s Day and we wish all the Irish and those who enjoy and share the joys of their culture a most pleasant celebration. (The virus has made our annual Irish Stew dinner impossible this year. Look for something in the near future once the CDC permits such a gathering.) Actually, in Ireland the feast of St. Patrick is a holy day and respectfully observed as a significant day in the faith of the Irish people. Much has changed in Ireland over the years and the feast day as well as the faith of the Irish has been diluted for many reasons. Irish Catholics though are some of the most faithful in the American church. We have their ancestors to thank for that. Feast days are important as they remind us of our heritage and encourage us to joyfully celebrate them. Whatever your nationality, embrace it warmly for the faith it has taught you and its significance in your life today.

In two weeks, we celebrate Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week. Palms will be blessed and taken home as is customary. This year parishioners are preparing a special arrangements of palms and a gift for our seniors eighty and over. We would like you to consider delivering them to family members and neighbors on the weekend. Unfortunately COVID has cancelled our Easter Egg hunt and pancake breakfast on Palm Sunday. Holy Week liturgies will also see adjustments but no cancellations. Plan on celebrating this year the Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday) and Easter with us April 1 — 4.

Please take time to get your vaccine when it is feasible for you. With the weather, controlling and containing the virus is looking brighter!