From the Pastor’s Desk

A new year and a new President and Administration encourages us to look forward in our own lives for both the need and the opportunities for growth in our spiritual life. Static faith never nourishes our daily life but often only leads to a less than vibrant realization of God’s presence in our day to day activities. An all pervasive battle with the pandemic also can rob us of a joy that each day can bring. It is one thing to say “this too will pass” but what does one do until it does? I suggest that is where and when daily prayer enters our life. Find a time during the day to pray. Prolonged time on our knees is not really pragmatic but mentally speaking with the Lord while driving to work or mopping a floor is. Bring a conversation with God throughout your day and eventually you will hear Him speaking to you. It brings peace and confidence to your day and a feeling of God spending the day with you. A confidence that you will not ever have to say: “this too will pass” !

I want to encourage folks to consider joining the Blessed Carlo Ministry explained at Mass last weekend. Anyone tech savvy and willing to help us livestream St. Kateri services and activities is encouraged to learn about this ministry. See our friendly organist Kevin after Mass or contact the parish office (313.336.3227). Already seven persons, teens to seniors, have come forward to volunteer.

To all of you who were able to contribute to this year’s Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) CONGRATULATIONS are in order. According to the January 15, 2021 report, the combined efforts of the Archdiocesan 213 parishes have achieved ninety percent of the 2020 goal with payments of 88%. The average parishioner participation in each parish is 22.4%. St. Kateri with a goal of $45,731 has met our goal and exceeded it at 126% with payments at 118%. Our parishioner participation is 48.6% – more than double the average parish and the third highest of all 213 parishes in the Archdiocese. We can all be very proud of our parish and its willingness to work together! The overage will certainly help soften our shortage in the Offertory.

Have a good week and seek to make the new year a good one!