Even with Puxatony Phil's prediction of an early Spring, the season of Winter can present some challenges to a person's body, mind and spirit. Dreary skies, icy roads, frigid temperatures all make for a bleak and dismal outlook and experience. But do not despair!!! There is always a glimmer of God's grace to be found. This past week, I got the hat trick (yes, I'm a hockey fan).

First, I had the opportunity to spend a day with members of the Detroit Society of Catechetical Leaders listening and exploring the topic: "Portraits of Jesus". Cathryn Torgerson, our presenter, brought to life Jesus Christ through the eyes of the four Gospel authors. Have you ever thought of Jesus as the Divine Warrior King (Mark), the Fulfillment of the Prophets (Matthew), our Redeeming Savior (Luke) or the Son who is Life (John)? Truly it was not just an eye-opening experience but one that flamed a need to know more. Next came the grace bestowed on me through the parents of our students preparing for 1st

Eucharist. How amazing is it that they chose to work with their child on a chapter in their preparation studies in order to continue a smooth flow of lessons toward the reception of the Sacrament. Kudos to these parents for being the best 1st teachers their children can have. Lastly, our Confirmation students were asked if they think Jesus was a radical.

Their answers knocked my fellow catechist and me out of our chairs. "Radical is awe- some." (Today's definition, not Webster's.) "Jesus was spontaneous to what was going on and evolved with His miracles, from small to powerful, greater impact." "He's still evolving the people today." How's that for some 7th grade thinking?


Prayers and blessings to you and yours,
Grace Lakatos
Family Faith Formation

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