Faith Formation by Grace Lakatos

LentÖ what to give up? How about changing it up this year and think about what to take up? Think of taking up the pleasures of Godís love and presence, after all God is what Lent is all about! Start simple with enjoying His wonders in the outdoors. Watch the snow fall or the shape of the clouds float by or even a short walk in the crisp winter air. The beauty of the outdoors is an immediate way to experience the presence of God. Next spend some time with others, especially those in need of compassion and generosity.

What better way to encounter God than in the lonely widow next door, the overwhelmed new parents, or the retired colleague still trying to figure out what to do? Pray for little things, not just concerns of the world or what you think God wants for you. In our house I thank God on a pretty regular basis for the person who invented Kleenex, especially during cold and flu season and peak allergy season. Got worries? Turn them into prayers. Itís a win-win situation...give up worry for Lent, take on prayer for Lent. Remember Godís plan, Godís time. Lastly, seek the answers. Pick a time, pick a place and seek the answer in Godís Word, the Bibleó-you will be given the gifts of time, peace and comfort.


Prayers and blessings to you and yours,
Grace Lakatos
Family Faith Formation

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