Holiday Mail for Heroes Drive begins this weekend. Volunteers are sitting in Resurrection Hall before and after all weekend Masses to assist you in signing cards for our military. Pens and cards are provided. You can even take a box of cards home to sign at your convenience and return them the next week. Our goal this year is 1250 cards to be delivered to Veterans Hospital on December 17th. I know we can do it. If you are interesting in helping out at the table for one weekend Mass, call the parish office.

Our parish Giving Tree will be set up the weekend before Thanksgiving. Once again we will be sharing our donations with Nativity of Our Lord Parish, St. Patrick’s Senior Center and Vista Maria. Please watch the bulletin and listen to the Mass announcements for more information. 

Favorite Saints Continued: Here’s my next favorite St. Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa) lived a simple life filled with simple actions and had the ability to teach us so much with very few words. A few of my favorite saying from her are these: “Every time you smile at someone, it’s a gift to that person.” “Some enter your life as blessings, others as lessons.” “God didn’t call me to be successful, He called me to be faithful.” If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed one.” And lastly, “ If you judge people, you have not time to love them.” Such powerful thoughts and words to live by.

Prayers and blessings to you and yours,
Grace Lakatos
Family Faith Formation


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