October is the month of the Rosary. But do you know why? This question was posed to the Confirmation class last week and their answers were well thought out and impressive but unfortunately missed the mark. So here is your mini-history lesson.

“In the 16th century, the Islamic Ottoman Empire presented a serious military threat to Western Europe and sent a fleet of ships to attract Christian defenses in Southern Europe. Pope Pius V recognized the grave danger and organized a fleet called the Holy League to confront the navy of the Ottoman Turks.

On October 7, 1571, the two navies engaged in a pivotal battle that would determine who controlled maritime traffic in the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Aegean seas. The fate of Western Europe depended upon the success of Christians in this navy battle, which involved more than 400 warships (it was the largest naval battle in Western history for centuries). Pius V knew he needed more than just military strength to defend Christian Europe, so he asked that all the faithful pray the rosary, requesting the intercession of the Blessed Mother. At the end of the Battle of Lepanto, the Holy League was victorious and the maritime expansion of the Ottoman Empire was permanently prevented. The next year, Pius V established a feast on October 7 in honor of the Blessed Mother, originally called Our Lady of Victory. After a few centuries, the name was changed to Our Lady of the Rosary to more clearly recognize that prayer was the greatest power at work that day on the seas.

The rosary is an invitation to experience the grace of Mary’s spiritual motherhood as she leads us to her Son, Jesus. For this reason, it has been an invaluable source of countless spiritual graces for the saints. Remember, every time you pray the rosary you are given the privilege and honor of pronouncing the holy name of Jesus more than 50 times. Maybe October would be a good month to turn off the television, internet, smartphone or radio and pray the rosary instead. See what graces the Lord wants to pour into your life from the rose garden of this daily meditation.”

Thanks to Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg, author of “Why is October the Month of the Rosary? (Northwest Catholic: September 25, 2018) for his wisdom and information on this topic.

Halloween Candy Drive

For the next 2 weekends, we will be collecting candy to be distributed by the seminarians, priests, and staff of Sacred Heart Major Seminary. Last year alone, over 2000 children were able to celebrate safely by trick or treating at the Seminary. The participants also were able to receive prayers, Reconciliation, hot beverages and donuts. Donations can be placed in the Halloween decorated baskets near the entrances to the church. Thank you for your generosity.


Prayers and blessings to you and yours,
Grace Lakatos
Family Faith Formation


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