Thinking about becoming Catholic? Already Catholic and thinking about receiving the Sacraments? Are you baptized in another Christian faith and wish to learn more about the Catholic Church? Together with Sacred Heart, St. Albert the Great and St. Sebastian, our parish offers a joint program of sessions that focus on the Catholic Faith, our history, our beliefs, our traditions, the Scripture, Sacraments, Prayer, the Saints, social teaching and our future. Meeting once a week on Wednesday evenings, the sessions are led by our parish priests, deacons and trained lay ministers with discussion, questions, prayer and of course, refreshments. If you know of someone interested in exploring the Catholic faith or someone who has been baptized but has not received Eucharist or Confirmation, please have them contact the parish office for more information. Sessions begin September 25th at 7 PM at St. Kateri.

FAITH FORMATION & SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION REGISTRATION is open. Parents are encouraged to register their students from 4 years old through 8th grade. Forms are available on the parish website and in the parish office. Our program begins Saturday, September 21st at 4 PM with the celebration of the Liturgy. Please contact the parish office for more information.

FILL THE BUS! Was once again a huge success. 766 items and $60 were donated to the families at Nativity of Our Lord Parish’s outreach program. Thank you to everyone that donated and special thanks to Rachele and her children Ryan, Javier and Maya, to Carmen and her grandson Henry and to Michele for all the muscle power to sort, count, and box up the supplies and to the K family for their fast, efficient delivery of all the items.



Prayers and blessings to you and yours,
Grace Lakatos
Family Faith Formation

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