Half way into did that happen so fast? Are you keeping up with your resolutions? Hereís 2 more Spiritual Resolutions for you to consider (plus a quick review of the first 4): 

Increase Your Marian Devotion. Mary is our spiritual mother and like our earthly mother, she is there for us. We just need to open our hearts to her.

Make more time for spiritual reading. Have you found a good book? Or maybe, your choice is the Good Book? Crack open the spine and let the words enter and open your heart and mind. 

Make good stewardship a lifestyle. Take some time to think and pray about your gifts and how you use them. And then make a change...A BIG ONE!

Share your Catholic faith with others. Your action could be the touch of God that someone so desperately needs in that moment. Reach out!

Bring back regular penances. What? Itís not Lent yet! No, itís not but the saints of the Church practiced penances in a habitual nature, internally, externally, great and small. At one time, Fridays outside of Lent were days of fast and abstinence. When the Church changed the eating of meat on Fridays, outside of Lent, it was meant for another form of penance to continue. This practice was to show reverence to the day of the week on which our Lord died. Be creative. An act of service or additional prayers or maybe even giving up meat on Fridays are all possibilities. Penances arenít meant to be pleasant at first, but the graces that grow from them grow sweeter with time.

Go an extra day to Mass. Mass is not only the source and summit of our faith, it is the source and summit of our very life. Try to arrange or rearrange your schedule to attend an additional Mass each week or even a few extra days per month. It may require a change in your travel route, attending a neighboring parish or even skipping lunch. Most daily Masses are usually 30 minutes long. If there is just no way to attend Mass, consider adding time at your parish for Adoration outside of Mass time, even if just for 15 minutes. As you journey forward into 2020, I hope and pray that you will make great strides in your resolutions, physical, mental, emotional, financial and most of all, spiritual.


Prayers and blessings to you and yours,
Grace Lakatos
Family Faith Formation

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