At last week's Easter Vigil, we welcomed Marie Webb and Chelsea Piatek into the Catholic Church and the family of St. Kateri. For over a year, Marie has attended Mass, prayed and studies in preparation for entering the Catholic Church. The depth of her love for the Lord is equally matched to her eagerness and enthusiasm for learning all she can about her faith. She attends Mass as often as possible, always leaving with a peaceful smile upon her face.

A recurring nudge within herself brought Chelsea to our doorstep a little over a month ago. Feeling “a little Catholic” wasn’t enough for her and she desired to be part of what she saw around her at Mass and even with a 45 minute to an hour drive to St. Kateri was not going to deter her. She has quickly and happily watched videos, read, and asked questions in pursuit of satisfying her nudge. Please welcome these women of faith into our church and keep them in your prayers.

A million thank you’s to the young people of our parish who answered my call for help with our annual Pancake Breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt! I heard so many positive comments about your respectful, responsible, focused and fun attitudes and actions. So shout outs to: Marcus & Maximus Attard, Katelyn Drazba, Maya Karteczka, Erabella & Harrison LePage, Diego & Isabel Vallejo-Serratos, Nicoleta & Alina Uicker and Bobby Wexel. The parish of St. Kateri is very, very proud of all of you. A special thanks to our Mr. Easter Bunny. I heard through the grapevine that you made a special trip back to our hall after hearing a little boy had missed the Easter Egg Hunt. Thank you for your very special, extra caring heart!

Faith Formation classes will meet next on Saturday, April 14th beginning with 4 PM MASS.

Sacramental Preparation classes will meet next on Monday, April 9th at 6 PM.

RCIA classes will meet next on Wednesday, April 11th at 7 PM in St. Michael’s room.

Adult Confirmation class begins Thursday, April 12th at 7 PM in St. Michael’s room.


Prayers and blessings to you and yours,
Grace Lakatos
Family Faith Formation



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